My Go-To Meal

My husband was on a deadline at work for the past few weeks, leaving me on my own for dinner. With the weather getting warmer, there is only one thing I have wanted when making a simple dinner for one: SALAD!

Mixed greens with quinoa, veggies, and fried egg

I usually take a salad to work with me for lunch, and lately, salads have been making an appearance for dinner too. But these aren’t salads for rabbits…

Greens with avocado, goat cheese, farro, and egg

These are hearty meals featuring grains, proteins, fats, and yes, plenty of vegetables.

I’ve been taking advantage of the season’s offerings: lettuces, chard, kale, spinach, herbs!

trying out new toppings (though I do love a fried egg on top…)

Kale salad with farro, chickpea carrot burger, and tahini

and making the most of whatever leftovers I happen to have in the fridge!

Greens with tabouleh, cannelini, gouda, and roasted veggies (egg on top, of course)

Simple, fresh, and delicious!

What is your go-to meal? Your favorite salad?



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