Thank You, Blog World #4

Thank You!

I can’t believe we’ve already been blogging for 4 months!  Time flies when you’re having fun!  For this Thank You post,  I’m going to talk about the reasons I enjoy writing this blog, as opposed to just following others.

Thank you Blog World for giving me…

… motivation to spend more time in the kitchen.

Something’s cooking

I am always happy when I get in the kitchen, but when life gets crazy, it’s easy for me to see cooking as a chore.  Since we started the blog, I feel like I need to cook, not eat out, even when I’m stressed.  It makes me feel so much better!  Cooking is a great outlet.  When I’m in the kitchen, I can forget about whatever is bothering me, and focus solely on what I’m preparing.  It is also less expensive than eating out, and is often more satisfying!

… a new, old way to connect with my family.

Family Feast!

Lindsey and I grew up in the kitchen.  Our love of cooking came from my mom, and much of what she learned came from her mother.  When the family is together, we make the most incredible meals!  Unfortunately, we aren’t all together that often.  Since starting the blog, I’ve been in contact with Lindsey way more than usual, gotten feedback from our other sister after almost every post, and received support and suggestions from our extended family.  It’s been so nice to have the family come together more through this project.

… inspiration to experiment.

Daily delights

Any time I feel stuck or uninspired, I check out my Reader.  I’ve found some great blogs that I wouldn’t have come across had I not been active in the blogging world.  Each day, my fellow bloggers post creative recipes, DIY projects, and photographs.  They motivate me to try new things both in and out of the kitchen.  It’s always exciting!

Thanks, Blog World!



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