Apples, Apples, and More Apples!

I’m working my way through my Fall Bucket List at impressive speed. Last weekend, my husband and I took the rare opportunity of a weekend with no plans to go Apple Picking at Carter Mountain Orchard. A short drive from our apartment, the orchanrd is at the top of a mountain overlooking Charlottesville. The day we went was surprisingly warm for October, but the views were incredible! I did most of the picking (12 pounds worth, to be exact), while my husband played photographer.

There were four varieties available for us to pick:

  • Stayman: described as an “all purpose apple”
  • Jonagold: a blend of tart Johnathan and sweet golden delicious. One of the world’s most preferred varieties for flavor
  • Fuji: very firm and unusually sweet
  • Winesap: slightly sweet and tart. Firm and juicy.

Each orchard was well marked with signs. We had to hike up a good way to find the Fujis!

I was surprised by how many apples had fallen to the ground, where they lay rotting, giving the orchard an interesting smell, and attracting some bees. Nice to see nature in it’s true state, though.

It was absolutely beautiful, and so fun to find the less crowded paths.

12 pounds of apples and a couple of apple cider donuts later, we returned home with more apples than necessary for a family of two.

I set to work turning the Winesaps into Ashley’s 15-minute applesauce. I chose to use a good deal of cinnamon, and to leave mine fairly chunky. I’ve been scooping this onto yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast, and mixing in with my Cashew Pumpkin Cream–yum!

I also made a Potato and Apple Gratin, courtesy of a great recipe from Bon  Appetit. I was out of onions, but it was still quite tasty! Served the first night with sauteed chard and steak (for him)/ tofu (for her), I also enjoyed the leftovers on top of my salads for lunch.

So we are slowly making our way through our excessive amount of apples…. An apple a day (often with peanut butter) makes a great afternoon snack. Luckily, they store well in the refrigerator.

What is your favorite way to eat apples?



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