Cafe Review: Jane on Fillmore

It’s been a tough week for me.  I’m still adjusting to my, uh, new found freedom.  I’ve packed my schedule, trying to minimize opportunity for sadness to creep in.  Unfortunately, I’ve also minimized my time for grocery shopping.  My food supplies are dwindling, so I’ve been eating out quite a bit.

Jane sign on Fillmore Street

After teaching this afternoon, I stopped by one of my favorite cafes, Jane.  Jane is located on Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights.  It’s a very cute part of town, and Jane fits in wonderfully.  The decor, designed by Ken Fulk, mixes street and chic.  For example, there is lovely flowered wallpaper in some parts of the cafe, while other walls are covered in graffiti.  There is a moose mounted on one wall, that has been made playful by tossing a Giants hat on its head.  (Side note: Way to go Giants!)  The staff, like the space, looks “cool”.  A lot of the baristas are intimidatingly hip, but everyone is really friendly!

Chocolate Cookie Cookie

Jane offers some incredible pastries by owner Amanda Michael, as well as sandwiches and salads.  During my visit today, I picked up a Chocolate Cookie Cookie.  Delicious!  They serve Stumptown Coffee, and always present beautiful latte art.  Today my soy latte was embellished with a heart.  Why is it that lattes taste better when there’s a rosette or a heart on top?

It does get quite crowded at times, but there is an upstairs area that is generally pretty quiet.  This is a great spot to hang out with a book and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.  Browser Books is conveniently located half a block away, in case you need to pick up something new!

Pretty Latte

Whether you’re a visitor or a local, Jane on Fillmore is a great place to check out!

Happy Eating!



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