Tofu Shawarma

Ever since I learned that you have to press tofu before cooking it, I have been on a bit of a tofu kick. I am fortunate enough to have delicious, locally made tofu available at many grocery stores, as well as at the City Market. They sell a block for just $2.50. With 4 – 5 servings per package, it’s quite the deal!

I am also fortunate to have a great spice shop in town. The Spice Diva offers wonderfully fresh spices, in bulk. I was sold after my first visit, and I am amassing quite the collection of spices.

So imagine my pleasure this weekend when I came across a recipe that beautifully showcases both tofu and spices.

This recipe is a vegetarian take on the Chicken Shawarma recipe from an upcoming cookbook that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I just pre-ordered it on Amazon, and it is set to arrive in about 2 weeks. Mediterranean food is probably my favorite. I love the flavor combinations, the sharable nature of the dishes, and the generally fresh and veggie-centric nature of many dishes.

In the weeks leading up to the cookbook’s release, Brandy is hosting a Mid-East Feast dinner party with a few bloggers who were lucky enough to receive advance copies. Each week, they are assigned a recipe from the book that they all re-create.

I was particularly drawn to Joanne’s version, Tofu and Sweet Potato Shawarma. Hop on over to her blog for the recipe!

I decided to serve my tofu and sweet potato shawarma over turmeric-scented quinoa and spinach. It was a simple, extremely tasty meal. The rich spices took the tofu to a whole new level, and paired well with white-fleshed sweet potato.

Be on the lookout for more Mid-East Feast inspired meals very soon!



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