Savory Quick Bread

There’s not much that “scares” me in the kitchen. I make my own kombucha, I’ve tried (and failed) to make my own yogurt, and I pretty much try any food that comes my way.

But bread — real bread, made with yeast— sort of intimidates me. I’m not sure why, really. I made english muffins a few months ago and was surprised how easy the whole “let it rise” thing was.

Walnut-Rosemary Oat Bread

Walnut-Rosemary Oat Bread

Last weekend, I had grand plans for making bread. I read about the underlying science of bread-making in my book, and explored a few recipes. But then, I saw Ashley’s post about savory quick bread AND this Whole Foods recipe for bread mix.

All thoughts of yeast flew out the window, and I opted instead for quick bread.

2 slices

Savory quick bread. With rosemary.

Rosemary has been my go-to herb this fall. It really is perfect — warm and comforting, fresh and fragrant, and a slight edge of sweetness.


This bread has the most wonderful texture. The edges are perfectly crisp, while the insides are moist, soft, and all around perfect. The walnuts and oats provide nice variations in texture. I especially love the way the loaf cracked as it baked — it looked so lovely!

I will most definitely be experimenting with savory quick bread variations very soon.

full loaf

Head on over to the Whole Foods site for the recipe, which I followed precisely. Be sure to use olive oil, not canola oil. My first thought upon tasting the bread was how nicely the olive oil flavor came through — the bread would not be the same without it!

Have you ever made a savory quick bread?



2 thoughts on “Savory Quick Bread

  1. Yummm this looks and sounds amazing. I don’t think people pay enough attention to savory breads! I actually just made one the other week – it was a brown soda bread, and it was wonderful! 🙂 Thanks for the recipe link!

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