Thank You, Blog World #9

Once upon a time, I hosted pizza parties regularly. I loved cooking for my friends, and always enjoyed getting my friends together for something other than work or drinks.

Dessert Bar, Pizza Party #1, 2006

Dessert Bar, Pizza Party #1, 2006

In recent years, I have stopped hosting dinners. I’ve had the occasional brunch, but it’s not the same.

Easter Brunch, 2011

Easter Brunch, 2011

Having friends over for Dinner and Downton two weeks ago, I realized how much I miss having dinner parties. I intend to start having pizza parties again!

Pizza Party, 2008

Pizza Party, 2008

This month, I would like to thank the blog world for sharing some INCREDIBLE pizza recipes! I feel so inspired!

Here are a few of the exciting pizzas I’ve come across:

Dinner Party, 2010

Dinner Party, 2010

Here’s to a cheesy tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your tasty ideas.

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Happy eating!



2 thoughts on “Thank You, Blog World #9

  1. When I was in Texas I had dinner parties so often. I LOVED entertaining. I’ve gotten out of it in the past year or so, but even recent “Bachelor Night” viewings have reminded me how great it is to just have people together…with food involved. 🙂

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