Pickled Peaches, and The Next Course

This will be my last post here on Pas de Deux. For me, this past year was a bit of an experiment. It was a chance to solidify the creativity inherent in act of cooking, by photographing and writing about it. It was a chance to feel more “legitimate” when reading and commenting on blogs—I wanted to have at least a taste of the experience of blogging and to feel like a contributing member of the community of bloggers I was interacting with more and more frequently. It was a way for Casey and me to be in more frequent contact, and in some ways, to transform our broken relationship with food into a healthy and positive one. In the process, we re-awakened a family-wide recognition of our passion for cooking.

A pile of peaches

A pile of peaches

I will continue to blog, but with a slightly different focus. My new blog, The Next Course will take my exploration a step further. It will include some recipe sharing, interviews with bloggers and food writers, quotes about the “why” of food, and book/article reviews. It will be a blog that explores why we cook and why we blog. It will be a place to examine and reflect upon the role of cooking in our lives, but also a place to consider why we would want to write about food and share those thoughts with others.

Finished jars of pickled peaches

Finished jars of pickled peaches

I hope you will join me on this next step of my blogging adventure. Head on over to The Next Course to read more about my sticky, messy, amazing afternoon of pickling peaches.



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